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Push the boundaries of PDF navigation and reporting

Bluebeam Revu 2016 has arrived on our desktops and has a list of new features that will make it even easier for you to work with large numbers of PDF drawings with ease.


Bluebeam Feature IconThe Markup Summary has always been a powerful document. The ability to create a hyperlinked list of all the markups in a document in one click was a huge benefit to all users. However, you needed to create a separate summary for each page in the drawing. Then, it was necessary to create another document to bring all the Markup Summary pages together. Now the Markup Summary can be created as a batch process and you'll find the option under the Batch menu. The end result is a single report that includes only the desired fields. You can use a branded template for the report of course, and then use Save Config and make the template available to all users and all summary sheets are on brand. Hyperlinks work. The resulting hyperlinks are also saved with relative filenames, so as long as the folder structure doesn’t change, you can move the entire folder, or upload it to Studio without worrying about links being broken.


Bluebeam Feature IconImagine you've created a series of area measurement markups, with different colours and properties to denote different types of area. You can use the Markups List to create summary fields, and track the marlups on the drawing. However, placing that information on the drawing was not so easy. Yes, you could add text, but this would not keep track of any changes to the drawing.With a Legend, you can create a live legend on the drawing, which will show a key, and summarise all the measurements or markups. It can run on a specific sheet, or all the sheets in the drawing. You can even create a legend from a specific Tool Chest!


Bluebeam Tags FeatureBluebeam Revu's Sets feature has always been a great way to manage groups of drawings a named set. However, using new Tags, you can instruct Revu to grab text, such as the drawing number, revision and date from the drawing and add it to Tags. Tags will track changes to the text on the drawing, and when you create the new Drawing Log it will track changes to the tags and present them in a drawing log, which can be exported to excel, or loaded into Studio.

Drawing logs will recognise changes to dates and revisions. and add “Superseded” on the drawings in the set which are now out of date. Tags are available in all editions ofr Revu.


RevitPlugIn-RGB 100x100.jpgIf your PDF has come from a Revit model where Rooms have been created, you'll now have the option to convert those Rooms to Bluebeam Spaces, in one click as part of the Revit plugin. Think of the hours this will save. Previously, you would have had to trace over the rooms individually to create the Spaces! There are also enhancements to material exports on 3D PDFs created with the Revit plugin.

Alignment Enhancements

Bluebeam Feature IconA seemingly simple enhancement, but one that is going to save you hours and help you produce more organised-looking PDFs. You'll be able to align markups to their left, right or centre, or their top, bottom or centre. Simply select the markups, right-click and use the context menu to choose the alignment method.


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