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Bluebeam continuously strives to ensure that each version of Revu released is bigger and better than the last! With feature suggestions from existing clients and expert software engineers, Revu 2017 is no exception. In this blog, we explore our favourite new tools created to help streamline your workflows.

Dynamic Fill Tool

The WOW feature for this year is the Dynamic Fill tool (unofficially named the 'blob tool' by our team at Vectorworks UK), which promises to make it easier to markup and measure the more unusual areas in your plans, which aren't simple rectangles. Simply section off the complex region and using the Dynamic Fill tool, click in the space and watch it being filled with colour to calculate the area.



Quantity Link (eXtreme Only)

Create your project bids faster with the Quantity Link feature found in Bluebeam Revu eXtreme 2017. By linking multiple PDFs to Excel worksheets your calculations are updated in real time as you do your takeoffs in Revu, even when new measurements are added to your PDFs. Set up your formulas, create accurate costings, and win jobs!



3D PDF Enhancements

As well as new tools for 2D PDFs, there have also been enhancements for 3D PDFs in Revu 2017. With the use of the 3D model tree, you can single out groups of objects via the search and filter function. Revu will highlight those objects (e.g. doors) and make the rest of the model transparent. Extra markup tools include changing the colour of objects within the 3D model for even better visibility.



The list of new tools doesn't stop there. To find out even more about Revu 2017, why not join our webinar held on Friday at 1pm. Register by clicking here.


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