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Work Simultaneously With Other Vectorworks Users

No matter what your industry, managing multiple files and complex referencing systems will give you headaches. Project sharing can solve this by allowing multiple users to work on the same project at the same time; offering a solution to the dilemma of how to work on multiple plans, elevations and sections at the same time.

It works by producing a ‘Project File’ which sits on your company’s server or in a cloud-based file sharing system such as Dropbox. Each user will have their own ‘Working File’ where they can check out layers or objects from the Project File. The Project File will then update to show the changes of the multiple Working Files, allowing you to see your colleagues' changes as they are occurring!

Project sharing allows you to:

  • Have multiple users working on one file.
  • Set different permissions for different users.
  • Save time on project setup.
  • Work remotely on a file located on a company server.
  • Benefit from increased file protection.




The great thing about project sharing is that there are no onerous restrictions. You can convert your regular Vectorworks file into a Project File within 5 minutes and start working on your file without any fuss.
It is recommended that you save your Project File in a location on a server, so that it can be accessed by everyone with a Working File. Therefore, it is advisable to have a good internet connection, preferably with network cables to ensure that your changes can be exchanged with the Project File without delays.

Set Different Permissions For Different Users

Project sharing allows you to set different user permissions for different people on your project. For example, you will have at least one administrator on a project who can change other users’ permission levels and all components of the file. There are also different permissions preventing unauthorised use of classes, layers, resources and the contents of the layers.

Managing The File

Once you have saved the Project File in a central location on the server you will be prompted to make a new Working File. This Working File is your copy that you will use to work on the layers and objects that you have checked out. This document should be saved on your local hard drive, this allows you to work from distance and still update your changes to the Project File when you are next connected to the server.

A lot of new users of project sharing are concerned by the size of files that they may produce if all their information is kept in one document. The good news is that compared to referencing the speed of updates will be a lot quicker, as project sharing can update only the changes rather than the whole file. If you do experience excessive file sizes, Vectorworks have suggested the use of plot files. This involves referencing all your layers into a new Project File where you make the sheet layers, so that you have your design layers in one file and your sheet layers in another to keep your file sizes down. You can still reference into your Project File if there are layers that do not need to be worked on. Most likely you will not need to go to these lengths and you will find that project sharing makes managing your workflows a lot easier, freeing up a lot of time to focus on drawing!

File Protection

Many people are concerned that having one file will mean less protection for your files, but this need not be the case! By having a local file on your desktop, if you lose your connection to the server then you will not lose any of your work and you can continue to work on your document until you are connected to your server again. You can also set backups for the Project File in addition to your local Working File. Therefore, you benefit from having backups on your local machine and on the server.

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Currently Interiorcad does not officially support Project Sharing in Vectorworks. However, in tests, the latest maintenance release of Interiorcad seems to work in a Project Sharing environment.



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