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In this article, you'll see how easy it is to create 3D PDFs from within your CAD model, and use Bluebeam Revu to navigate the elements within the PDF. You'll see how to pull elements apart to explode the model, and create section views. You'll see how to annotate and markup the 3D model and then change the way it's rendered before sharing it via email, or with Bluebeam Studio.


Export 3D PDFs from your CAD system

Bluebeam Revu includes plugins for CAD systems, and in this example, you'll see the plugin within the Revit workspace. While looking at the model, click the Bluebeam menu and export a PDF. Of course, many other CAD systems include the ability to export a PDF file. For example, Vectorworks has incorporated its own 3D PDF export capability directly within the workspace.

OPen the 3D PDF in Bluebeam Revu

Open the 3D PDF, and then choose the 3D Model tab. This will show the navigation tree for the elements within the 3D model. It will also give access to the standard views list. You can use the standard views to change the presentation of the model, and rotate. You can use the model tree to select different elements.

Markup the 3D PDF

The Markup tools within the Toolchests can be used on a 3D PDF just as they can on a 2D PDF. Each markup is tracked automatically on the Markups List. As a markup is placed on the drawing, a view is added to the views list on the 3D Model tab. Use the Markups list or the views list to navigate to specific views or markups. Elements of the model can be pulled out to create an exploded view. Use the 3D Model tab to set the size of the visible section area for each saved view. Each view can be selected, edited and renamed on the

Render and Share the Model

The 3D PDF facilities within Bluebeam Revu allow you to change the background of the model, adjust the lighting and change the render mode. Once these elements are set, you can share the 3D model online through Bluebeam Studio or send it in an email directly from within the Bluebeam Revu workspace.


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