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Every user of Bluebeam Revu has access to Bluebeam Studio, which is Bluebeam’s cloud storage and collaboration solution. Using Bluebeam Studio, you can dramatically reduce the timescales of projects, and be more efficient. In this article, we’ll look at the process for setting up a project within Bluebeam Studio and then opening a collaboration session between an architect and a contractor.



Login to Bluebeam Studio

The first step is to create a Bluebeam Studio Project from within the Bluebeam application. You can upload individual files into a Studio Project, or you can load up an entire folder. The storage is unlimited, so no need to worry about running out of space. Once the files are uploaded, you can navigate through the folder structure and decide which files you need to work on. Files are then checked out for editing, so there is no need to worry about others making changes to the file while it’s part of the session. Later, when you’ve finished working on the file, you’ll be able to check it back in to the system to make it available for others to use, adding comments.

Create a Studio Session

To review a document or set of documents online, you’ll need to create a Bluebeam Studio Session. Upload the PDF files from the project into the session. Partners are Invited to join the session with an email and a covering note, directly from the Bluebeam workspace. The session can be timed so that collaborators can leave their comments within a specified time frame. Each invitee receives an invitation with a session ID. They don’t event need a Bluebeam Revu licence to be able to use Bluebeam for the duration of the session!


The architect opens the Tool Chest tab and adds their markups and comments to the PDF. The markups are available live to those participating in the studio session. They can use the chat facility to discuss the project. The contractor also opens the Tool Chest and places their unique markups and comments. The session initiator can follow the attendees’ progress. Participants are able to reply to each others’ comments and markups but they can’t edit or delete them.

Create a Report

The person who initiates the session can then produce a report of the session. This can be a record summary, but a full PDF package is also available. The report can be created in a number of formats. It includes all activity from the session which is hyperlinked to the drawing, so it’s easy to review the discussion at a later date.



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