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So, two weeks into Vectorworks 2013 and already a huge number of positive comments about the great improvements and functionality in Vectorworks 2013! As the premier reseller of Vectorworks in the UK, we have had a busy time taking the Vectorworks 2013 message to a host of exhibitions and customer meetings - and the feedback has been resounding in its praise for the new release.

Even spending eight days at Earl's Court, first at Plasa, then at 100% Design hasn't dampened our enthusiasm. Follow that with shows in Kent and Essex to the landscape design fraternity and the pace has been frenetic. Recently, we ran our Annual Vectorworks Conferences in both Newbury, and Glasgow. Vectorworks 2013 was well received and we were lucky to get some good quality feedback to pass on to the Vectorworks development team in the US.

However, having just emerged from a customer meeting this morning where we were accompanied by senior Nemetschek figures, Biplab Sarkar, (CTO), Robert Anderson, (VP Integrated Practice), and other key members of their team, things have again been put into perspective. Software tools such as Vectorworks Architect have made great advances, but it is people, processes and workflow which are needed just as much to achieve successful projects.

In just the same way that moving from drawing board to computer provided most benefit when the drawing process itself was reviewed in the light of this new technology, so it is that moving to BIM requires similar rigour applied to how we use the new capabilities. With all of our training notes updated to 2013 already and new BIM consultancy and training agendas in place, our customers are already benefiting from this proactive approach to getting top value from their Vectorworks investment. In fact, the world of architecture is our biggest customer market and one that is very receptive to the cost-effective hands-on and supportive approach which typifies Design Software Solutions.

Adrian Slatter


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