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Working with Architects and Landscape Designers who have traditionally shied away from designing in 3D is one of my favourite training sessions. Seeing the joy on their faces when they realise that actually it is really not that difficult is part of what makes my job so enjoyable. For Architects in particular, the need to move to a BIM model is driving the move into the third dimension!

The 3D tools provided by Vectorworks 2013 are easy to use. For those who have used them before, they remain familiar and continue to work in the same way. However, the Push/Pull capability, combined with the ability for 2D graphics to display in any 3D plane make the whole business of showing a client a "plan" and making it real for them incredibly easy. The phrase 'Working Planes' often strikes fear into the heart of someone who is not familiar with the terminology of working in a 3D modelling application. However, they just make it easier to model anything, anywhere, easily.

Do you NEED to work in 3D? Well, those of us who were trained with pens were taught to draw plans and elevations. That gave us a really good grounding in how to read plans and elevations. Clients don't always find it easy to translate a plan into an imagined reality. There are many 3D modelling applications around, but what I love about Vectorworks is that once you've created your plans, you can produce those elevations and perspective drawings from the same process. You don't have to do it all again and keep the two processes in sync during the iterative cycle of design. When it changes on the plan, it changes on the elevations and the perspectives too!

Our 3D modelling course runs regularly. Suitable for all designers, we show you how to use the modelling tools to make just about anything you need, fast. Combine that with our Renderworks course and you'll have a beautifully lit and textured model to show off your designs to your clients and help you to win that business.


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