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Vision software from Vectorworks, Inc. puts the power to previsualise and cue shows at your fingertips. This cross-platform software enables entertainment and production professionals to save time and money by enabling previz of the performance without the need to be at the venue or have the crew on standby. Built for accuracy with moving light fixtures and communication with a wide array of DMX consoles, Vision enables you to experiment with looks and cues, as well as review options with your clients and collaborators to get their approval before loading in.

What is Vision?

Vision Pro converts Lighting Device objects directly from Vectorworks Spotlight and imports these and all associated 3D geometry into its display window. Vision Pro accurately displays the lighting console's output on a screen. It accurately shows anything that any light can do including pixel mapping, plus you can view video footage within elements of your pre-vis with the presence of a media server or other video source. The number of fixtures that Vision Pro supports is limited only by computer memory.

Design to Previz

Vision works best when paired with Vectorworks Spotlight’s 3D modelling capabilities and Event Design tools, which save you time by generating scene, texture, and fixture data for your previz scene.

Customisable Fixtures

Go beyond the ordinary with Vision Plugins that allow you to customise colors, gobos, lenses, lamps, or any other variable of the fixture. All fixture functions, such as gobo and color wheel rolls, prism effects, beam angles, head speeds, and beam photometric data have been carefully reviewed for accuracy. Many of the items are also reality-checked against the actual fixture, ensuring that your live event will look just like you imagined it.

Vision to Vectorworks Workflows

Vision works alongside Vectorworks Spotlight and 3D Studio Max using plugins that support the export of model and texture information to design and document your shows.

Light Any Venue

Once the model is complete, control the lighting fixtures in the Vision document window, so you can pre-cue your entire concert, exhibition stand, or broadcast, corporate, or theatre event. You can even create high-resolution, high-quality renders for use in marketing and proof of concept presentations.

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Vision software from Vectorworks, Inc. enables you to previsualise and cue shows. This software enables entertainment and production professionals to save time and money by enabling previz of the performance outside of the venue.

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Vectorworks Spotlight 2020

Vectorworks Spotlight is the renowned 2D/3D CAD and entertainment design software from Vectorworks, Inc. It includes all industry functionality offered by Vectorworks, Inc. Includes Renderworks integrated render engine.

Vectorworks Service Select is the optional annual maintenance, which includes the upgrade to 2021, additional content libraries and more.

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