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CINEMA 4D® Prime R19 is a great entry point into 3D graphics. With CINEMA 4D Prime you can start creating great-looking 3D images in no time.

Using CINEMA 4D Prime opens up a wealth of new design possibilities. For example: turn 2D artwork into 3D elements using import options such as Illustrator or EPS, or simply combine images or movies with 3D objects. CINEMA 4D Prime's powerful tools let you create images and animations for any industry - whatever you want to create, you can with CINEMA 4D Prime.

CINEMA 4D Prime lets you cost-effectively enter the world of 3D and you can upgrade to any of the other CINEMA 4D versions at any time.

CINEMA 4D is easy to use, professional 3D software that enables you to quickly build and/or visualise and render models from other 3D applications, but specifically with Vectorworks. Renderworks, the rendering application within Vectorworks, is built on a CINEMA 4D platform, and CINEMA 4D provides a natural progression for those requiring a dedicated rendering and animation application. Enhancements for R17 include:

  • A Take system for flexible scene management, including a token system for file naming when rendering multiple takes
  • Enhanced colour management, whereby colour schemes can be created by selecting colours from an image
  • Updated Content Libraries including new parametric tools to generate content—like the new bookshelf generator
  • Sketchup Import
  • Completely re-engineered and more intuitive Spline tools
  • Sculpting enhancements
  • Variation and Formula Shaders for enhanced realism, with Material Override for easy clay model renders
  • Motion tracking and animation workflow enhancements

Modelling in CINEMA 4D is easy. There is a huge range of preset solid options, which can all be subdivided. The are sculpting tools to enable you to directly model as if with clay. The sculpting tools include the ability to take high resolution models from other applications and reduce them to low resolution objects within CINEMA 4D. The Poly pen is for intuitive modelling directly in 3D space so you can directly "paint" and transform 3D Polygons in 3D space.


Maxon Service Agreement (MSA) for CINEMA 4D Prime is optionally available to Maxon customers as an addition to their licence and is purchased for periods of 12 months. Participating customers are kept up to date with the newest releases of Prime. When a new software version is available, MSA participants will receive these automatically, allowing them to take advantage of all new features and advancements. The Maxon Service Agreement is ideal for companies who wish to work with planned budgets and avoid surprise upgrade costs.

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Maxon CINEMA 4D Prime
  • 1-1: £650.00
  • 2-4: £590.00
  • 5+: £555.00

Maxon's CINEMA 4D Prime is the entry level product for those looking for high end 3D modelling, rendering and animation.

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MSA for Maxon CINEMA 4D Prime

Maxon Service Agreement (MSA) for CINEMA 4D Prime is optionally available to Maxon customers as an addition to their licence for 12 months. The quantity selected must match the quantity of licences purchased.

This product is unavailable.