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Take the next step in digital collaboration. Bluebeam Studio Prime is a cloud-based subscription solution, fpr enterprises looking for greater control over access to Studio and have additional administrative functionality. You'll be able to control your users’ access to managed Projects and Sessions, and download in-depth reports on all Studio activity. Studio Prime also includes access to the Bluebeam Studio API, which supports external application integrations.

User Management

Invite Members to gain ownership of their Studio accounts so that their Projects and Sessions become part of the managed Studio Prime account. Control user access to all Prime content, as well as the Bluebeam Studio API. Block external Collaborators and restrict managed users who no longer need access to the Studio Prime Sessions and Projects. The administrator has full control over the access levels available to users.

Studio Insights

Administrators can generate and export in-depth reports on Project and Session activity, gaining greater visibility into Studio usage. You can easily audit access to all managed content with reports on Project and Session participation. Your customers can even access Studio Insights without a seat of Revu through the online Studio Prime Portal.

Studio API

Your customers can harness the power of Bluebeam’s collaboration technology to take their applications to the next level. Studio Prime allows them to manage client integrations with access to the Bluebeam Studio API to integrate internal and external applications. With access to the Studio API, you'll be able to build your own integrated applications.

Cloud-based Simplicity

Get enterprise-level administrative functionality with the ease of a cloud-based platform. Just connect to a Prime account from anywhere and start working!

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Bluebeam Studio Prime 2019
  • 1-100: £1,908.00
  • 101-200: £3,348.00
  • 201-500: £7,788.00
  • 501-1000: £14,700.00
  • 1001-2500: £29,940.00
  • 25001+: £68,340.00

Bluebeam Studio Prime is the ultimate cloud solution for managing Studio sessions across the enterprise. Greater user control, plus access to the Studio API for integration with other applications. For a Bluebeam Revu Studio Prime quote, we recommend you contact us so we can make the best licence recommendations for your organisation.

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