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UK Director of Customer Success

Tamsin Slatter is in charge of the company's strategy, as well as managing the training, presales support and technical support team. She is a renowned expert on Vectorworks and regular author of training materials for Vectorworks Inc. She has also pioneered the development of our e-Learning courses, providing opportunities for all to access our Vectorworks curriculum in the way that suits them best.

Tamsin's background is in the corporate world of IT, having worked for companies such as ICL, IBM and Oracle. Since leaving Oracle, Tamsin retrained as a garden designer. It was after starting her own design practice that she was seeking ways to improve the efficiency of her business and stumbled upon Vectorworks. She was rapidly hooked and felt that her mission was to share these efficiency improvements with all those working in design industries. Her experience with a range of business both large and small, make Tamsin perfectly placed to work with clients of all shapes and sizes and fully understand their needs.

Says Tamsin, "After a 20 year career in the IT industry, with jobs spanning support, training, sales and marketing, training as a garden designer was a dream come true for me. Escape from the corporate world, the chance to work with nice people, learning about plants and learning to draw. It was a wonderful journey. However, throughout my training, lovely as it was, there was a nagging doubt that there surely had to be a faster way to work and would I REALLY be able to earn a living doing this... Once qualified, I started my business and began designing gardens for real. I was also invited to teach budding designers at Sparsholt College to combine my previous teaching experience with my newfound design skills."

"My own Vectorworks journey began when a friend and design colleague, Jennifer Berry, maxed out and close to a deadline, contacted me to ask for help with a set of construction drawings. I was maxed out too. I had a copy of Vectorworks and suggested this would be a good time to learn whilst completing these drawings. With the guidance of the 'Help system, I muddled through, completed the drawings over a weekend, and was HOOKED! The next step was a planting plan - small, I grant you, but completed ready to print in just a couple of hours. There was no turning back..."

With hundreds of people trained since 2007 clearly the time is right for designers to make the move to Vectorworks. Author of "Residential Garden Design with Vectorworks Landmark" (commissioned by Vectorworks, Inc), Tamsin is also the Vectorworks trainer for the The London College of Garden Design and provides the e-learning online course materials for the Oxford College of Garden Design and other design colleges. In 2011, Tamsin was asked to completely rewrite the "Getting Started with Vectorworks Landmark" guide, which is included with every copy of Vectorworks Landmark. She also writes regular tutorials for inclusion in the Vectorworks Service Select service.

Tamsin is a regular speaker at industry events across the entire product range. For example, she spoke at PLASA Focus, PLASA, Ecobuild, Creating Landscapes, Futurescape, The BALI Landscaping Show and many more. She also offers advice to small practices on how to grow their business.

Vectorworks UK runs one to one training, or group training, or company specific training can be organised if this is your preference. We run masterclasses covering specific topics in-depth. We also supply Vectorworks, CINEMA 4D and Bluebeam software.